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    Company profile
        Relying on strong scientific research ability, precision analysis instruments, strong financial strength, perfect management system, followed by the environmental governance of domestic and foreign advanced technology, Tianjin PuLan environmental protection Co.,LTD has developed a set of control technology of a batch of advanced and efficient production wastewater, electroplating wastewater, dye wastewater, oil wastewater, and have been in a number of applied in the projects, have received good treatment effect.
        PuLan environmental protection, a blend of talent in the field of environmental protection, the absorption of advanced technology in various fields, in all aspects of environmental engineering has a solid strength. A collection of various environmental protection technology, the new technological process, meticulous design, safe and efficient construction, engineering supervision quality, rich debugging experience, good business reputation, and constantly for the community to provide quality technical services, has won the trust of customers.
        Tianjin eplant Environmental Engineering Co., Ltd. is willing to adhering to the "high quality, new technology, heavy contract, Shou credibility" business purpose, sincerely hope that with the domestic and foreign enterprises interested in environmental protection and colleagues to strengthen cooperation and jointly improve the earth's ecological environment for human survival.
        Good design qualifications, strong technical strength, advanced analysis tools, the spirit of excellence, for the sake of the customer's business policy so that we won the trust of many customers. We will be very proud to remember these names: Tianjin Wanli company, Shenzhen Chiwan, Yili Beijing base, Southern China container center, CNOOC Energy Developments Ltd......
    As a foreign environmental protection technology of the window, many years of practice, we have accumulated rich experience in the field of environmental engineering. At the same time, every successful project also inspires us more firm belief - harsh support to create a green, green, green into.........




    ADRESS:Tianjin Binhai New Area Zhongluo Bay Center Business District Masterpi International Building B-1906

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