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    Rural drinking water safety treatment project
    Fluoride is widely found in nature. Fluoride content in natural water is generally 0.3 to 0.5 mg / L. Groundwater flowing through the fluorite layer can sometimes be as high as 2-5 mg / L. China's groundwater distribution of a wide range of areas, due to long-term consumption of high fluoride content of water can cause chronic poisoning, especially for teeth and bones serious harm. China's drinking water standards in the provisions of fluoride content shall not exceed 1mg / L.
    Depending on the amount of fluorine and the amount of treated water, devices of different sizes may be selected. The size of the defluorination device depends on the amount of water, depending on the use of different steel or fiberglass. The defluorination device has a fixed bed and a fluidized bed. Fixed bed of water is generally up-flow, filter layer thickness 1.1 ~ 1.5m, filtration rate of 3 ~ 6m / h. Moving bed filter layer thickness of 1.8 ~ 2.4m, filtration rate of 10 ~ 12m / h
    Fluorine water is adsorbed by the activated alumina with a large specific surface area. At the pH of 5 to 6, the fluoride ions in the water are adsorbed to produce insoluble fluoride and are removed. The reaction is as follows: R2SO4 + 2F- = R2F2 + SO42-adsorbent fails and is regenerated with aluminum sulfate solution to recover Adsorption capacity. Its dosage and the amount of fluoride removal ratio of 60: 1, regeneration concentration of 1% -2%, run 3 to 4 months with 3.5% concentration of HCL solution cleaning time, after cleaning can be used fluoride water rinse, time 8 ~ 10min. , When the PH value of raw water is greater than 7, the general use of carbon dioxide gas to adjust.
    The main technical parameters:
    ※ Working pressure: 0.05Mpa ~ 0.6Mpa
    ※ Operating temperature: 5 ℃ ~ 40 ℃
    ※ mode of operation: manual or automatic control
    ※ Filtration speed: 2.5m / h
    ※ cylinder material: 304,316 L, Q235, glass steel
    Fluoride equipment process characteristics:
    ※ low cost, investment province;
    ※ low operating costs, low cost of water;
    ※ equipment is easy to operate: the implementation of automation, semi-automatic operation without regulating the pH value;
    ※ equipment installation and use of convenience, the device can be directly connected with the deep well in the variable frequency pump, no secondary pressure;
    ※ new water removal equipment, high water utilization, 98-99% or more;
    ※ equipment covers an area of ??small.




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