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    Wastewater Reuse Treatment Project
    For the characteristics of water quality of car washing wastewater, Tianjin Pu Blue Environmental Protection Co., Ltd. developed a grit, filtration and biodegradation in one of the treatment process. The specific process: grille → grease trap plate sedimentation tank → multi-media filter tank → high efficiency anaerobic reactor → reuse car wash waste water first through the grille to remove the larger suspended solids, grease trap plate to remove Particles of larger sediment and the proportion of lighter oil, pretreated wastewater and then into the multi-media filter, the suspended solids in the waste and a part of the organic matter to be removed. According to the size of the size of the layered filter, effectively prevent the filter blockage. Efficient anaerobic reactor as the final treatment unit, the internal put into the rigid filler, the surface of the filler attached to the highly efficient anaerobic bacteria, anaerobic bacteria in the wastewater degradation of organic matter, the wastewater treatment to achieve reuse The
    The system is designed for the Beijing car wash industry, the Beijing car wash industry has a large automatic car wash also has a small workshop gun-type car wash, my company's car wash water treatment equipment, taking into account the characteristics of Beijing car wash, you can greatly meet the Customer needs.
    From the specifications on the hourly treatment of water from 0.5T to 10T and other specifications, both to meet the small-scale requirements, but also to adapt to large-scale washing machine supporting the use.
    ※ process is simple, high efficiency, good water purification effect;
    ※ equipment performance is stable and reliable, long service life;
    ※ high water saving rate, up to 80% or more, the water can be recycled long-term use;
    ※ small size, small footprint;
    ※ easy to install and transport, put into production fast;




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