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    Mr. Noy Shoung visited PULAN environment
    On 13 May, Mr. Noy ??Shoung, State Secretary of Cambodia, visited the environment in the town of Rhettle and spoke with the CEO of the village of Wright Ryder, Mr. Su Zhaowei, on the theme of comprehensive investment in Cambodia's environment in Cambodia and made good progress The

    Cambodian Secretary-General Noy and photo shooter of the company

    Left for Mr. Su Zhanhua, the left for Mr. Noy ??Shoung

    Cambodia, also known as "miracle kingdom", has a long history and beautiful natural scenery, where rivers and rivers are numerous, rich in water resources. However, according to Mr. Noy ??Shoung, Cambodia's current lack of water conservancy facilities or aging problems, many Cambodian people are still very short of water. Especially in the dry season, local water abnormalities, not only can not save water, and can not effectively allocate and supply of sanitary water, grain water.

    Wright Ryder Environmental CEO Mr. Su warhua that the solution to the problem of residential water is an environmental protection business should bear the social responsibility, the temperature of the environment is very important for the private drinking water. This year, the company has contracted the EPC project in Farnham, Venezuela, to provide healthy and clean drinking water for tens of thousands of local residents and to successfully promote local economic development.

    Mr. Su Zhaowei introduces Mr. Noy ??Shoung's project case of the Wright Ryder Environment

    Mr. Su Zhaowei introduces Mr. Noy ??Shoung's project case of the Wright Ryder Environment

    Mr. Noy ??Shoung spoke highly of the corporate responsibility of the Wright Ryder environment and showed a keen interest in the zero-discharge technology of the wastewater in the Wright Ryder environment. Mr. Noy ??Shoung said that many industrial constructions in Cambodia could not be carried out because of the inability of sewage to be disposed of, and that the zero-discharge technology of the waste water in the untreated environment would not only enable the discharge of non-polluting substances in industrial wastewater treatment, To break the environment at the expense of the premise of achieving industrial breakthroughs. In this regard, Mr. Su warhua said that China is now actively advocating "green water is the Jinshan Yinshan" development concept, Lai La Ride environment also hope for China and the world to contribute their own environmental protection in the future to achieve " Environmental protection more environmentally friendly "corporate vision.

    Mr. Noy ??Shoung visits the facility in the town of Lighttree

    Mr. Noy ??Shoung visits the equipment

    After all-round understanding of the business area of ??the Wright Ryder environment, Mr. Noy ??Shoung came to visit the local production base in the town of Letlade. The base is ubiquitous and meticulously impressed by Mr. Noy ??Shoung. Mr. Noy ??Shoung was very excited to see the various types of equipment produced by the environment in the city of Rhettle, and put forward a lot of technical problems. In response to these problems, the technical staff gave a detailed answer.

    The meeting ended satisfactorily

    The meeting ended satisfactorily

    The talks are of great significance, on the one hand, the expansion of the market in the South East Asia market, further strengthening the international influence; on the other hand, Cambodia's understanding of China's environmental protection industry, China and Cambodia in the cause of environmental protection Cooperation laid a good foundation. I believe that in the Wright Ryder environment such industry leaders driven, the future will have more similar cooperation between China and Cambodia reached.




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